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About me.

Travis Fernandez

Introducing Travis: The Invisible Hero Behind Your Special Day.
Imagine having a fly on the wall, quietly observing and capturing the intricate moments of your special day. Meet Travis - an embodiment of that concept, as he gracefully disappears into the background while flawlessly immortalizing your memories on film. With a cool, calm, and collected presence, Travis becomes an essential element of your wedding, effortlessly fulfilling roles beyond his primary duty. From the exhilaration of pre-ceremony preparations to the joyous laughter during the reception, Travis's lens captures the genuine emotions that weave together the beautiful tapestry of your wedding day. But Travis is much more than an inconspicuous observer. He seamlessly transitions into numerous spontaneous roles, always ready to lend a helping hand. When it's time for a quick coffee run, Travis is your guy. Let Travis be the invisible hero, capturing every emotion, glance, and laugh. His presence will enrich your wedding experience and provide lifelong cherished memories.

What does a wedding day with Travis on the job look like? Here it is! This video is a full behind the scenes video of a wedding filmed at Bendooley Estate Bowral


Capturing moments that will last a lifetime.

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